Azman Adnan is a Malaysian Football Legend with an outstanding track record representing the Malaysia pre-Olympic team and the Malaysia National Team in the heyday of the 90s until 2000. Azman also played for the Malaysian National Futsal team at the 1996 FIFA Futsal World Championships in Spain. He won many trophies in Malaysian football such as M-League titles, Malaysia FA Cup, Malaysia Cup, and also as the Best Striker and Golden Shoe Winner. The First Million-Rated Player during his transfer to one of the biggest football clubs in the Klang Valley, Selangor FC. He also was named as the incarnation of the Malaysian Football Legend of All Time "Mokhtar Dahari”.


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Fipper detonated the Malaysian market and led the trend with the first rubber flip flop Classic series with elephant logo and two-color matching. Relying on the knowledge of natural rubber and the special and exclusive formula, Fipper has the characteristic of using natural rubber even for shoe laces. In 2010, Fipper expanded rapidly in the Southeast Asian market under the model of a commercial authorized agent. The countries and regions it touched include Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Brunei, Mauritius, South Korea and Singapore. In the next few years, it successfully opened markets in Europe, Australia, Republic of China (Taiwan) & Japan.


Joe X Wings is the best and gifted lefty guitarist who has been a wizard in the music scene in Malaysia. Joe is a full-time musician and also a producer, musician, songwriter, lyricist, music director, judge, actor and singer in Malaysia. He joined the Scandals and later the Wings Group. After 28 years with Wings, Joe now established his newest group, Prime Domestic. Joe is the man who has raised the band's name Slash, Def Gab-C, Crystal, Double line and a few other names.

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Capo Apparel was founded by Lekir Ahmad, a Capo & co-leader who heads the Ultras Malaya. Ultras Malaya is a group of loyal supporters for the Malaysian National Football Team. They are also known as the 12th player or nicknamed the tail of the Malayan Tigers. Lekir lead & succeed the agenda of Ultras Malaya such as tifo, chants and movement.

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Vespa Club Malaysia (VCM) is a non-profit organization whose members are dedicated their heart and soul to Vespa and is a community sharing their passion of Vespa ownership in Malaysia.

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